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About Jenn


Born and raised in the Washington DC area, Jenn Crovato grew up surrounded by food traditions. At the age of 13 she was selling her pepperoni rolls in the teachers lounge, and delivering homemade pizza throughout the neighborhood by skateboard on Saturday nights.  Her high school career was spent cooking in local restaurants, which lead her to the natural decision of attending culinary school. 


Upon graduating from the Culinary institute of America in 1996, Jenn went to work for Chef Roberto Donna’s acclaimed Galileo restaurant after having interned at his Trattoria I Matti. Her love for Italian cuisine inspired her to move to Italy for one year where she cooked in 8 different restaurants in various regions. Jennifer came to her own style of cooking learning from the prestigious La Splendido Hotel in Portofino, San Domenico in Imola and from the hidden, rustic family owned restaurants in the south.  Drawn to the southern rural regions of Italy, she focused on the simpler, traditional preparation of local, seasonal ingredients.


Jenn returned for an additional year at Galileo. She then spent the next six years as an on-site chef for one of Washington’s exclusive caterers while raising her two young children. The following six years of her career were spent working as a private chef for the late Washington philanthropist, Joe Robert.  Jenn then went on to cater independently for select clients, and consult for Early Mountain Vineyards in Madison VA.  In April 2013, she created Healing with Fresh Foods LLC, and published her first cookbook Olive Oil, Sea Salt & Pepper.  Jenn is also a member of Les Dames d'Escoffier DC Chapter. 


With combined catering, restaurant and abroad experiences, Jenn continues to refine her skills in a variety of cooking mediums.  Jenn places emphasis on using high-quality, local ingredients, sourcing from the best to create simply delicious food.


"Welcome to my Kitchen! My formula for cooking has always been to emphasize excellent ingredients paired with simple cooking preparations.  Nothing complicated, just straight forward good food that is best enjoyed in the company of good friends & family. Please come share your next meal with us!"- Jenn


Our Story 

1310 Kitchen & Bar is a neighborhood restaurant, wine and cocktail bar located in the heart of Georgetown & part of The Georgetown Inn. The name comes from sharing the same “1310” address with the hotel, which also represents neighborhood connections by the connected numbers in the logo. 

In the vision of Chef/Owner Jenn Crovato, 1310 thoughtfully combines comforting, eclectic American cuisine with healthy Mediterranean influences. The restaurant's design evokes a bright casual elegance of the quintessential American restaurant with cozy booths and retro glass dividers to give a cool vibe. 


Our menu spotlights a seasonal selection of salads, vegetables, fish, steak, and side dishes, along with a variety of pasta options as well. 

Wine & cocktails are part of the 1310 experience, with by-the-glass selections gracing the menu at all times. A parade of spirit-forward, expertly-crafted cocktails change seasonally, as do a collection of tap and bottled beer.


We hope to welcome you soon!


Our Walls 

Yes, there is a theme here......

Music is part of our experience here at 1310.  During the process of picking out photos, and after watching a documentary on Joan Jett, I realized that being a female chef / owner / operator was just as rare as female rock artists.  Only 6% of head chefs are women, and the same can be said for the music industry, with a major lack of women represented as artists, song writers and producers.  So I chose to recognize great women in music by featuring amazing female artists on the walls as my way to honor and celebrate them. 

The women that grace the walls, along with many others can be heard in the music that plays, including; Nina Simone, Etta James, Amy Winehouse, Stevie Nicks, Erykah Badu, Billy Holiday, Jill Scott, Janet Jackson, Pink, Mary J Blige, Bonnie Raitt, TLC, Alicia Keys and Ella Fitzgerald to name a few....

Our Windows

One of the highlights of 1310 is our windows!

If you walk down Wisconsin Avenue, it's hard not to notice the writing and quotes on the windows. Originally inspired by our coffee, Julius Meinl, a supporter of poets, we decided to put poetry on our windows, which quickly turned into positive, inspirational, motivating quotes. 


From the Press

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